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My Chiropractic Story

Dr. Bridwell grew up in South Georgia, his stepfather, a pediatrician, showed him early on the value of patient care. As a result Dr. Bridwell went on to study Pre-Dental at Valdosta State University. In his last semester and final Senior Seminar, his class was visited by a LIFE University representative. During this brief encounter, the recruiter was able to successfully alter Dr. Bridwell’s future plans. After the initial campus visit, it became clear that holistic healing was an intriguing concept. He then went on to enroll at LIFE University full time. While at Life University, he was a member of Full spine, Thompson, and CBP Club and eventually he helped and mentored future chiropractors, in the lower quarters, to fine-tune their adjusting techniques.

After his graduation from Life University in June 2012 Alexander Bridwell moved to Savannah, GA to work as a chiropractor. While living in Savannah, Alexander was able to embrace his other passions outside of chiropractic, kayaking. Kayaking is a fun and relaxing hobby Dr Bridwell enjoys with his girlfriend and two dogs.

“My objective, as a chiropractor, is to be the driving force for my patients to feel better, through a natural and non-invasive approach. As I see each new patient and develop that relationship, I want to become their partner on the journey to a healthier lifestyle. As a result of chiropractic I love seeing the positive influence I have on my patients who are now walking, running, jumping and swimming through their lives. “

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