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Your Body is more than
the Sum of its Parts

Most chiropractors stick to the basics: neck and back pain. We couldn’t disagree more — while treating these areas is undoubtedly crucial, we examine your entire body to uncover the real issues at work and provide individualized solutions.

Dr. Richard McKay and Dr. Travis McKay use every tool at their disposal to help your body get back up to speed – pain free and ready to take on anything that comes your way.

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Success Stories

Neck Pain & Tingling

In May 2008 one week before my daughter’s wedding, I started experiencing neck pain, my fingers in my left hand starting tingling and my left arm went completely numb. I underwent an Xray and MRI and was told I had bulging and herniated disks in my C5 and C6 vertebrae. I was sent to a Pain Management Center and over the next several years was given multiple pain injections in my neck and spine.

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Neck Injury

My name is Ed Long and I sustained a neck injury in 1993. I have been seeing a chiropractor ever since the accident in Rochester, New York. I have been in pain every day since 1993. The chiropractor in Rochester helped, but never got rid of the pain totally, just temporarily.
I moved to Delaware in 1999 and was seeing another chiropractor here a couple of times; however, he was so terrible, I drove back to New York to see my previous chiropractor a “few” times a year. I lived with the everyday pain by taking Advil, Aleve or Ibuprofen. I could not tilt my head up for more than a couple of minutes without my neck muscles tightening up and giving me pain. Needless to say, my moods were not always the best..

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