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Ed - Severe Sciatic Pain & Numbness Improved by 95%!!

Ed was initially skeptical about chiropractic but after receiving treatment in our Newark, Delaware office and reducing his leg pain, numbness, sciatic pain and low back pain by 95%, he is not skeptical anymore!


Terry: Advanced Back & Neck Pain Center - Crippling Low Back Pain Gone!

When Terry came to our Newark Chiropractic office, his low back pain had progressed to the point that he was unable to walk from his car to his office or home without the pain increasing so much he would need to sit down.  After a short period of treatment, Terry's low back pain has improved enough that he recently played 18 holes of golf with no problem!


Barb: Advanced Back & Neck Pain Center - Pinched Nerve Pain Improved In One Visit!

Barb came to our Newark office after suffering with arm pain and getting no results with traditional treatments for a month. We were able to identify that the pain in her arm was tied in to a pinched nerve in her neck and getting her feeling better after just one visit!


Justin: Advanced Back & Neck Pain Center - Herniated Disc Pain Improved!

When Justin came to our Newark office with severe lower back pain, he had already been told by two other doctor's that surgery was necessary to fix his problem. After only a short time with chiropractic care, Justin's pain levels, his mobility, and his quality of life have all drastically improved!


Herb: Advanced Back & Neck Pain Center - Low Back Pain Resolved!

When Herb came to our office, his low back pain was so severe that he couldn't walk, sleep or work. After a series of chiropractic treatments, corrective exercises and more, Herb is 100% pain free and doing better than ever!


Kevin B: Low Back Pain & Pinched Nerve Pain Gone!

When Kevin came to our office he had severe lower back pain and a pinched nerve. After a series of sessions, the pain is now gone and Kevin can live a normal life!

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