Second and Regular Visits


Advanced Back & Neck Pain Center – Your Second Visit

Report of Findings

Once you arrive for the second visit of your strategy plan, you’ll be warmly greeted and our sign-in procedure will be explained to you. One of our friendly team members will then walk you to our consultation room where the doctors will go over the findings report/strategy plan.

The Doctor will explain your x-rays in order to help you fully understand the degree to which you are or are not correctly aligned. This is also a good time to ask the doctor any questions or explain how you felt after your first visit. You and the Doctor will discuss what is the best-individualized prescription treatment plan for your personal health goals, working within your time constraints and your budget considerations. Determining the appropriate plan for you and explaining it thoroughly to you is an essential part of a successful treatment plan…and that is what we pride ourselves on delivering that!

Your Chiropractic Adjustment & Therapy

At this time the doctor will bring you out to an open table and you’ll be adjusted based on your x-ray results. Once the doctor is done with your adjustment, you’ll be directed to the therapy station where you may receive one or both of the following:

  • Electrical stimulation

  • Cold laser therapy

During your therapy, you’ll once again be reminded of the importance of ice and proper water intake during this phase of your care.

Finally, before leaving the office manager will sit down with you to go over your insurance benefits and/or a financial care plan. We’ll also schedule your follow up appointments based on the doctor’s recommendations.

Regular Visits

A typical office visit begins with a warm welcome and assistance with signing in if necessary. You’ll then be directed to the next open table for your chiropractic adjustment. Once the doctor has completed your chiropractic adjustment, you’ll be directed toward one of several different areas:

  • To the therapy station for electrical stimulation and/or cold laser treatment

  • To therapeutic exercises with full assistance and instruction for you

  • To the intersegmental traction table that helps to increase motion in the spine, decrease muscle spasms and decrease pain.

  • To your massage (if one was scheduled)

As our patient, you’ll receive a true one-on-one experience whether you’re new here or have been part of our “family” for years. Each patient is treated as an individual and we strive to meet and exceed all your chiropractic needs with each visit.
We’re looking forward to meeting you in person and discussing how we can help you get on the road to wellness!

*Individual Results May Vary


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