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Headaches can occur for many different reasons. Advanced Back & Neck Pain Center helps patients identify the cause of their headaches and find the best way to treat them. Advanced Back & Neck Pain Center offers headache treatment to patients in Newark, Delaware.

Headaches Q & A

What type of headaches does Advanced Back & Neck Pain Center treat?

Advanced Back & Neck Pain Center treats all types of headaches, including tension headaches, migraines, and cluster headaches. Each of these headaches causes different symptoms, but all 3 types can be painful and disabling for the patient.

Because different types of headaches have different causes, the doctor evaluates the patient’s symptoms to determine the type of headache before developing a treatment plan for the patient.

What causes headaches?

Tension headaches often occur because of stiff muscles, poor posture, poor alignment of the vertebrae, and emotional stress. Migraine headaches may occur after exposure to a trigger, such as hormonal changes, stress, or extreme temperatures. Cluster headaches often occur without an obvious cause, but researchers believe they may be related to issues with the body’s biological clock. Some patients may experience more than 1 type of headache.

How can Advanced Back & Neck Pain Center help with headaches?

When a patient comes into the office with a headache, the doctor begins by identifying the type of headache and any contributing factors. Using this information, the doctor develops a comprehensive treatment plan for the patient. This plan may include chiropractic care, massage therapy, physical therapy, and other treatments. Advanced Back & Neck Pain Center’s treatment plans are designed to alleviate the pain from current headaches, as well as to reduce the likelihood of future headaches.

How soon will patients notice the results of headache treatment?

Many patients report that they feel better immediately after beginning headache treatment at Advanced Back & Neck Pain Center. However, other patients need several treatment sessions before the results are noticeable. Most patients report that they continue to improve over time as they undergo more treatment sessions.

Can patients prevent headaches on their own?

In addition to engaging in regular visits to the chiropractor, patients can take other steps to reduce the chances of a headache. Some useful strategies include:

  • Avoiding known headache triggers
  • Reducing emotional stress levels
  • Practicing better posture
  • Avoiding teeth clenching
  • Drinking plenty of water


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At Advanced Back & Neck Pain Center, we accept most major insurance plans. Here is a list of some of the plans we accept. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed.

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