Are You Playing Offense or Defense?

Are You Playing Offense or Defense?


Anyone who knows me knows that sports are, for the most part, not really one of my interests.  Anytime that I get together with some friends (or I guess “used” to get together with some friends) and sports were on, I was always the guy asking in the Derek Zoolander voice “who’s winning the match”?  I wrestled in high school and that just didn’t translate well to following sports as I got older.  There aren’t any pick-up wrestling matches in local parks on the weekend, and if there are, I’m not really sure I want to be a part of them.

However limited my sports knowledge is though, I do understand that to win any game, you need to be playing both offense and defense.  How are we fighting against COVID-19 though?

All of the advice that we get from the news and online focuses on how to avoid getting infected.  Wear gloves, isolate yourself, wear a mask, don’t go out unless you absolutely have to, wash your hands often, etc.  While I don’t doubt the efficacy of some of these tactics, if you ever want to win a fight you can’t just curl up in a ball on the ground and remain motionless.

So how do we take the offensive against this virus?  We can’t necessarily track it down and beat it into submission, so instead we need to focus on making ourselves stronger and more resistant to it.  We know that when a small percentage of us, usually people over 65 with pre-existing conditions, get this illness it can be devastating, but for the vast majority of us the symptoms present as mild to moderate in nature, or potentially not at all.  So what separates these two groups of individuals?  The answer is the function of their immune system.  The better our immune system functions, the better we fight off the coronavirus.  So to play offense against this thing, we need to strengthen our immune system’s function.

What I’ve done is compile a list of a few, easily executable, action steps that you can literally do tomorrow to improve your health and strengthen your immune system.  And now before you go running off to BuzzFeed News and tell them your chiropractor is telling you how to cure COVID-19, rest assured that this is not a cure, only a better sword.  And everything I’m going to tell you comes straight from the medical community and peer-reviewed research.

Hopefully these help or at least point you in the right direction.  There is a ton of information flying at us all day, every day now and most of it is bad.  But I want you to ask yourself how you are dealing with this crisis.  Are you simply reacting to the news as it comes, or are you being proactive in your approach to protecting yourself and strengthening your body?  Are you playing any offense?  Or just defense?

Remember that we are here to help in whatever way we can.  Please call us at 302-368-1300 if there’s anything we can do.

Dr. Travis McKay

Dr. Travis McKay

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