Chiropractic Care For Constipation? Yep, it's Real!

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Anything and everything can send parents into a panic when it comes to the health and welfare of their newborn. That includes constipation and digestive issues. When a child reaches levels of extreme constipation, they may be more fussy than usual, have abdominal pain, and even vomit. Yet, there are few treatment options available to newborns and children under one year of age. Most parents shy away from medications at that age, even if they can find something that is given the okay by their pediatrician. Parents often feel helpless.

But, there is another option for treating newborn constipation and digestive issues: chiropractic. Chiropractic care in non-invasive and does not involve medications. Instead, very light adjustments to the child’s spine and neck are employed to relieve constipation and digestive issues.

How And Why Chiropractic Works For Newborn Constipation
Chiropractic care adjusts the spine and relieves pressure on pinched or shifted nerves. These nerves carry signals and information from the brain throughout the body. Those signals keep things running smoothly and ensure that all organs and functions operate as they should. When the signal becomes blocked, as by a pinched nerve, problems can arise, including digestive issues and constipation.

Through careful and targeted adjustments, our chiropractors are able to restore normal spinal functions and open up the pathways for proper nervous system function. This allows the brain’s messages to get through to the stomach and intestines again and for normal bodily functions to be restored.

In the case of newborns, our chiropractors are very careful. Children and babies do not require the same type of chiropractic adjustments as adults. If you are envisioning your child undergoing a strong spinal manipulation, think again. Newborn chiropractic care consists of very gentle and subtle movements that resemble stretching and massage more than abrupt adjustment or shifting.

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Dr. Travis McKay

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