Chiropractic Provides Effective Relief For Dizziness, Meniere's Disease & Vertigo in Newark, DE!

Woman holding her temples during a headache.

Dizziness and vertigo are mild, temporary conditions for most people, but for others, such as those with Meniere’s Disease, balance and clear-headedness is a daily struggle. Meniere’s Disease is characterized by a feeling the world is spinning. The condition typically stems from a problem in the inner ear, which may be caused by trauma or other types of injury. Vertigo and feelings of dizziness, on the other hand, are very common with head and neck trauma, although they can also stem from inner ear problems.

The good news is that each one of these conditions has been proven to respond well to chiropractic adjustments!

How Chiropractic Adjustments Can Help Alleviate Feelings of Dizziness

Chiropractic adjustments in Newark, DE that correct spinal subluxations and restore pathways of the nervous system can reduce or even eliminate dizziness and vertigo while the neck and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) adjustments have proven effective at reducing Meniere’s symptoms.

Chiropractic Care Provides Whole Health Benefits

Beyond the physical changes chiropractic can provide, chiropractors are a wealth of health information. In some cases, vertigo and dizziness can be attributed to other conditions such as a poor diet, too much caffeine, medications, or even anxiety and stress. Since chiropractors focus on the whole person and not just the area of complaint, they can be an excellent resource for helping you to identify your triggers, adopt daily habits that can help reduce symptoms, and trying alternative treatments like meditation, exercise, or relaxation techniques. Together, with adjustments, simple lifestyle changes may be enough to bring you long-term relief.

Dr. Travis McKay

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