How To Explain Chiropractic Care to Others

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The safety-pin cycle is the simplest model to understand how your body works and explain how chiropractic care works.

When looking at the normal cycle, you can think of a closed safety pin with the clasp representing the brain.  The back of the safety pin represents your spinal cord and the messages sent by the nerves to the organs, cells, and tissue (coil). When the body is functioning normally, the messages are able to get from the brain to the cell and your body is at ease. When misalignments in the spine cause nerve interference, messages are not able to get to the organs, cells, and tissues causing dis-ease in the body.

Chiropractors uncover misalignments in the spine and are able to reduce nerve interference allowing the body to communicate optimally when specific adjustments are provided!

Here at Advanced Back & Neck Pain Center, we are happy to discuss chiropractic care with any of our patients who may be suffering from back or neck pain.  If you have any questions, we can always help!  Please call 302-368-1300!

Dr. Travis McKay

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